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2 years ago
I was facing extreme weakness and tiredness in hands and legs from many days. I got my vit D checked which came too low i.e. 11.9 ng/ml. I also have hypothyroidism from 10 years fo which I take Thyronorm 62.5 mcg daily. . All other tests like PTH (37.2 pg/ml), calcium (10.2 mg/dl), phosphorus calcitonin (less than 2) etc are normal. After this, Doctor recommended, inj arachitol 6 lac IU once per week for 5 weeks continuously and a tablet of calnifit once daily. I have already taken 1 injection of arachitol (6Lakh IU). I hae this defeciency frm last 2-3 years. Vit d was around 30 two yeas back and i took lot of vit D supplements orally but Vit D never increased. It seems that Vit D is not gettin absorbed when taken orally in my case. Now when I consulted other 2 doctors they told me not to go for 5 injections as it will cause excess of vit D. So I am in big confusion what to do? Pls suggest whether I should go with 5 injections or not and what could be the best possible treatment for vit d deficiency?? If I have to take injection what should be the difference between two injections? In past i have followed all traditional protocols fo increasing it like sitting in sunlight, vit D supplimets orally etc but nothing seems working. Thanks.
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Dr. Akshat Goel
Bone & Joint Specialist
2 years ago
Keep a gap of 2 weeks between 2 injections Also check Vitamin-D levels after third injection
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