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49 years
2 years ago
I think too much on issues which leads to high BP and migraines how to avoid too much thinking and depression
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Dr. Jyoti Kapoor Madan
2 years ago
Stress is a reaction to a real or perceived event that acts as a stressor. In other words, how much stressed one feels depends on how much stress one perceives in a given situation. Stress cause chemical response in brain with number of physical and psychological effects. Acute stress can trigger of anxiety and long term stress, even if it is low intensity can cause permanent changes. Your heart, muscles, nervous system, immunity, all get affected. Fatigue, lethargy, muscle aches and pains, lack of enthusiasm, irritability and sleep disturbance may occur. Lifestyle malfunction result and social and interpersonal health suffer. Start by making a stress diary. Identify what causes stress. Ask why it causes stress. Is it a negative presumption about the even or a reality that is bothering you. Then figure out, how you have been dealing with the stressor. If the way you handle stress doesn't help, figure out the alternatives . If you by yourself are not able to do this exercise, consult a psychotherapist.
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