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44 years
2 years ago
I'm suffering from diabetes since last 8 months. During this period I am under going allopathic treatment under a diabetologist.During this period my blood sugar levels was found as follows- Fasting104to139 and PP ranges from 123 to 211, while tested through glucometer at home.Presently I want to undergo homeopathic treatment. What kind of medicine should I take? Pl.tell me the do's and don'ts to be taken up.
1 Answer
Dr. Saurav Arora
2 years ago
Dear mam, at this point of time I wont advise you to stop allopathic treatment all of a sudden, but yes you can start homeopathic medicine Syzgium 1x, 1 tab twice daily and keep monitoring your sugar levels, In future we can think of tapering your allopathic medicines if needed.
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