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34 years
2 years ago
i m suffering frm high uric acid frm last 3 years. sumtym i was ok thn got uric. my uric is 6.5 by pain in knee reqular base. i try all alopathy medicine bt sumone now told bout celery seed medicine. kindly help
i tried allpuorinal first it works bt aftr sumtym it stop working. thn i used febutax same with it. now i m not using single medicine bt exercise daily. bt knee pain not going and if eat any protein food it makes me ill and high uric attack comes. plz help me .
1 Answer
Dr. Akshat Goel
Bone & Joint Specialist
2 years ago
Continue taking tab Febustat 80mg once daily for 1 month
Drink plenty of water about 3-4 litres every day
Take Cap Altraday once daily and Tab Flotrip-forte thrice daily for 5 days
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