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29 years
2 years ago
I have sinusitis problem for 6-7 years once had gone through an operation for this 4 years ago. Doctor had cut out extra grown parts inside my nose but that could not help me. I feel my one side of nose filled and feel something is blocking my nose pipe throughout the throat. Than I feel kind of vomiting feels blocked my throat kind of mucus or don't know what it is please suggest me if there is any permanent solution for this
This has ruined my life I even could not go to gym because if I workout than with the fastening of breath I can't breath properly the same feeling occurs every time. I can't go for jogging because of this problem I am having so many other diseases because of this single disease please help me out.
1 Answer
Dr. Vijay Verma
Ear Nose Throat Specialist
2 years ago
get the test which I told y
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