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27 years
2 years ago
I have IBS. i have tried homeo for 2-3 months and did not work on me. Is there a cure in ayurveda for IBS? Are there any side effects if i take it in the long term? I have frequent diarrhea, and defecate atleast 3 times on an average daily. I avoid milk, gluten (wheat), as this stimulates the urge to defecate. I am trying to control having sweets as well. But do i need to avoid it compeltely? But when i have certain food i dont feel good. Especially lactose and gluten. All my medical tests were clean and did not show any indication that i am lactose intolerant or have any celiac or gluten allergy. But was advised by my gastroenterologist to avoid these.
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Dr. Aanchal Maheshwari
2 years ago
Yah it increases symptoms of IBS, take bilbadi churan 1 spoon twice, kutajghan vati 2 tablet twice, kutajarisht 20 ml twice after meal with water
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