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23 years
a year ago
I have cough for more than 2 months. Cough is usually non productive but sometimes little amount of sputum is there. Colour is yellowish , not blood tinged. No weighr loss, no nighr sweat.No other symptoms. Visited to local doctor. Gave Azirhral 500 mg for 5 days + Relicast LC for 2 months+ Zuluitus cough syrup . Symptoms subsided but didn't go fully. Aggravated during eating. So what should we do? Is there any chance of bad diagnosis? I have no addiction.
* no weight loss , no night sweat
1 Answer
Dr. Vijay Verma
Ear Nose Throat Specialist
a year ago
Can be acidity or allergy related get serum IgE level check and revert
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