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34 years
2 years ago
I have been suffering for fever ( body temp. is around 100 f-101 f) from last 2 days. I am having dry cough and body pain. Kindly advice.
1 Answer
Dr. Sarthak Chakravarty
General Physician
2 years ago
Most probably you are suffering through seasonal influenza. Start with medicine tab Sinarest 1 tab 2 times a day, tab Zerodol-SP? one tab two times a day, tab Pantocid 40 mg 1 tab once daily empty stomach. Take vapour inhalation by putting one spoon of Vicks in boiling water and inhaling the vapour twice a day. Continue all the medications for 5 days. . . avoid all kind of cold drinks, avoid dust and pollution and going out in the sun, do brisk exercise daily morning and evening walking, gargle With warm saline water twice daily.
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