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23 years
2 years ago
I had tb from 10/2013 I took medicine for four months then i left Again i start 06/2014 to 2/2015 again stop Again i started 12/2015 and left 02/2016 And finnally i again started from till today and know i wont stop till it wont get cure perfectly i just want to know m i improving or not here i m sending my reports of culture tb
Then i done Drug suspectibility test reports i m sending
After i got suspetible to all 13 drugs i again did culture test on third month
This is 3week report
And i did recently did culture test on
What is the meaning of pus cell this tym in reports pus cell is fair numbers is it good or bad then before
Pls tell me m i improving or not bcoz my weight has improved in 1st and 2nd month but not from last month
1 Answer
Dr. Anshum Aneja Arora
Lungs Specialist
2 years ago
Pus cell has no relation to TB TB cultures repeatedly can only predict improvement. If u are getting treated at hinduja , you are in safe hands. Dont stop treatment. Await reports
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