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27 years
2 years ago
I got a wound in my left cheek inside not outside, inside the mouth, I went to an hospital, they gave me tablets for 3days and some kind of liquid to goggle Wound gets healed very slowly and now I got a small wound like thing in my right cheek same as of the left cheek Please help me One more thing I am taking tablets for TB (normal tb not that severe one, advised to take tablets for 6months an TB will be healed) so please help How can I get out of that wound Thanks in advance
1 Answer
Dr. Khalid Basha
General Physician
2 years ago
hi rexidine mouthwash have to gargling twice a day and use an antibiotic called blumox ca 625 tab twice a day after breakfast and after dinner
if u have any doubt, then plz let me know thank u, have a nice day
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