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24 years
2 years ago
I feel contant acid reflux through chest to throat since 4 month doctors r giving me oscar DSR and facing problem of khatti burp many times a day. My potty color is also black can u suggest me good test . And medicine because doctors r unable to help they r not giving me appropriate solution
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Dr. Waseem Mirza
2 years ago
You need to consult a gastroenterologist for examination and proper management He may want to do your endoscopy and manometry if required Meanwhile u can continue same medications
Avoid stress, smoking and alcohol drinking should be stopped if you are a smoker or drink. Don't skip meals, always eat small & frequent meals. Avoid foods you find hard to digest. Avoid drugs that irritate your stomach if possible like painkillers. Avoid too much coffee n tea particularly at evening. Avoid hot and spicy foods, acidic foods, fatty foods, milk, etc Lose your weight, get treatment for a cough if u have any, avoid heavy meal at night, chewing mint after meal, lying down for 2 hours after a meal, elevate head end of ur bed by 6-7 inches by putting blocks under it.
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