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34 years
2 years ago
i am suffering with B.P but now and then swelling my face , foot at joint, early morning,now i use followin medicine telcadh40 & starpress xl am . creatine 0.9, no sugar. what is better option,
please see my 2d eco report
this is my consultation report
1 Answer
Dr. Pushkar Mani
Diabetes Specialist
2 years ago
no way u taking this much anti hypertensive
there is 4 group f medicine prescribed to u
just take STARPRESS AM XL 50 TABLET once daily for 1 week and let me know ur BP status , monitor from 4rth day in evening and in morning make a note with date and time and share with us
CBC, ESR, Urine RE & CS, Hba1c, Blood sugar (fasting & PP), Lipid profile, KFT, LFT, Thyroid profile, eGFR
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