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36 years
2 years ago
I am suffering from white spots ( vitiligo ) I take medicines allopathic But after some time spots gets increased And I am facing etching problem in complete body Doctor prescribe me use Tab Ebast 20 mg when ever problem Now my problem is that I want to take treatment for white spots as well as this new problem ( itching) started But this time I want to use homeopathic or Ayurveda treatment only
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Dr. Saurav Arora
2 years ago
Dear sir as your case is a chronic case it requires long case taking, examination and regular follow up, therefore, please visit a homeopath so that he can examine you and guide you accordingly. In homeopathy symptoms, history and examination is very important. In majority of cases, after a long case taking and case workout, we try to select a constitutional remedy which is used to treat the disease from its root cause. Taking a constitutional treatment shall also take care the reoccurrence of disease.
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