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26 years
2 years ago
I am struggling with allergy( cough, chest congunction, shortbreathing and headache also sometimes etc) since 5yrs which causes due to fungus, wet air, dust, humid, cold, changing whether conditions. Wind also affects me. My doctor use to give me mainly anti allergic medicines, medicine which reduces acid in stomach, inhalers etc (Antiallergic as Montelucast, livocitrizine etc) Slowly-2 frequent headache problems are also getting increase. Medicines are also taking 5-10 days to control. Sometimes medicines become ineffective also. Such problems repeat in each 30-60 days Or in 1-2 months. Only esnofil count is little higher during that allergic phase. ANd no any noticeable element is found in blood tests. Please suggest, is here any permanant solution for me. Is here any quick relief way for me? What should I do?
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Dr. Anshum Aneja Arora
Lungs Specialist
2 years ago
Your medicines may have to be changed to control symptoms . Asthma is completely controllable but not curable. You can read about asthma control at
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