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a year ago
I am pregnant and it's the 11 th week. Please suggest food chart that will help me and the fetus for the next few months.
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Dr. Waseem Mirza
a year ago
Hello, greetings from
Eat whole grains like whole wheat bread, pasta, whole wheat floor roti and cereals like rice etc legumes, fresh fruits and vegetables.
Take foods rich in protein like egg whites, double toned milk, chicken(boiled, discard water) cheese etc
Divide these foods in such a way in order to make 4-5 small meals per day. Don't remain in fasting state for more than 4 hours
In breakfast you can take boiled egg whites(1-2 depending on tolerance) milk and whole wheat bread with jam/peanut butter. You can add any other food item available at your home. One hour Before that start your day with eating 5 almonds, 1 walnut, cashews (soaked overnight)
During lunch take 1-2 cereals, (roti, rice) depending on need, dal/chicken etc. Make sure you don't eat to the fill. Rest for 30 mins in sitting position or do some household work. Then take a nap for 1 hour sleeping on your left side. 4 hour after this meal, take another meal consisting of milk/milkshake, fruits or any food item as per your taste and need. In dinner again 1-2 cereals with dal or chicken just like lunch PLUS SALADS. 30 mins before bed time take supplement containing DHA, like MAMA protein 2-3 tsf in glass of milk.
Take tab Folvite 4 mg Once daily. After 3 months of pregnancy start calcium and iron tablets. Avoid chilly, spices, extra oil, junk food, potato, cauliflower, cabbage, dal except moong dal. Limit saturated fats like ghee, butter etc. Avoid sugars and refined carbohydrate to avoid gaining weight. Walk for 30 mins daily.
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