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22 years
2 years ago
I am not getting sleep at nights and my brain is continuously thinking. I will feel headache if i open any book study. I completely lost my interest on study and i am unable to concentrate.
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Dr. Jyoti Kapoor Madan
2 years ago
Tips to improve memory, concentration and Performance. Concentration is a function of mood state and memory. Anxiety and sad mood disturb adequate memory function as one is occupied with negative thoughts and apprehensions. This leads to more focus on how to protect oneself than pay attention to issues which the brain finds unnecessary for survival. 1. Relax- Stress and tension disturb the ability to attend to surroundings and affect concentration. Breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, pursuing a creative hobby, sports, all have the ability to relax based on individual preference. 2. Adequate Sleep- Sleep is necessary for brain's adequate Neuro chemical functioning. Inadequate sleep affects concentration, memory and emotional control among other things. 3. Healthy Diet- Every cell in body requires nourishment. Adequate Iron, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3 are particularly important in good neuronal function. A balance diet is necessary. Avoid high fat and sugar containing foods. 4. Physical Exercise- It helps reduce stress, promote secretion of endorphins and improves physical stamina which all aid in performance. 5. Mental Exercise- Crosswords, puzzles, sudoku, brain games promote logical and analytical thinking and aid in neural synapse development.
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