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16 years
2 years ago
I am having a terrible bowel movement ,after every meal I need to go to toilet,i went to a doctor he told me it is IBS and prescribed me rifaximin,librax,Dothip,Rabeloc. I took the medication for 2 months now but it doesn't seem to help the cause.I also done TSH t3 ,t4, and a ultrasound of abdomen,kidney,liver,spleen,prostate everything came normal.My face is pale also I always feel urge to sleep after lunch, my knees also give a poping sound when I squat.
1 Answer
Dr. Sfurti Mann
Diabetes Specialist
2 years ago
get your vit D levels, CBC, stool test for ova cyst and fatin stool, serum albumin levels, random sugar as we would want to rule out malabsorption . also IgA tTG test for celiac disease.
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