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2 years ago
How to get Monday free &positive thoughts and also how to reduce stress
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Dr. Jyoti Kapoor Madan
2 years ago
Dealing with Anxiety/ stress- Anxiety is the result of a hyperarousal state of nervous system due to a low threshold for threat perception. In simpler words, when one has to deal with something that can harm/ hurt or has negative effect, brain sees it as a threat to survival and evokes a neuro-hormonal response understood as Flight or Fright reaction kicking in physiological cascade leading to anxiety symptoms. Dealing with anxiety requires identifying what is being perceived as threatening by the mind. Start by making a stress diary. Identify what causes stress. Ask why it causes stress. Is it a negative presumption about the even or a reality that is bothering you. Then figure out, how you have been dealing with the stressor. If the way you handle stress doesn't help, figure out the alternatives . If you by yourself are not able to do this exercise, consult a psychotherapist.
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