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2 years ago
Hlo prefer me some medicines or anything else which will help me in weight loss but i wanna los
Lose my weight quickly
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Dr. Waseem Mirza
2 years ago
Hello, greetings from
To assist you in weight loss:- ~Eat a high-protein breakfast which should include egg whites, milk, soya, roasted channa, almonds, walnuts. ~Try to avoid or decrease intake of sugary foods, junk or fatty foods. ~Drink plenty of water & eat salads before eating meal. ~Limit the quantity of carbohydrates but never skip meal. ~Rather than having 3 large meals a day, eat in small quantities at regular intervals every 2-3 hours. ~Don't consume saturated fat like ghee, butter, red meat etc. ~Use less oil in cooking, and preferably use olive or sunflower oil. ~Do moderate exercise daily like brisk walking for 1-2 km. ~Take multivitamin like tab supradyn (, 1 tab daily to prevent associated vitamin deficiency, if any. ~Kindly consult your nearby dietitian for a personalised diet chart.
Also consider the following Do's n Don't's Hope it helps
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