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2 years ago
Hi I want to get consultation for my problems I am having loss of appetite and sleep since one and half months I can only eat one meal a day and my weight is decreasing very fast it dropped to 47 from 52 in just one month Also, cannot sleep for 3-4 days. Even if i fall asleep, I cannot sleep peacefully and get up in an hour or so. Basically its an on and off sleep I use Zolfresh to sleep But it is also not of major help. Please provide the solutions. Thank you
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Dr. Sunil Sekhri
Diabetes Specialist
2 years ago
For step follow these measures. Follow the DO'S and Avoid DONOT's
Do's Maintain regular hours of bedtime and arising If hungry have a light snack before bedtime Regular exercise schedule Take an hour to wind down before going to bed If worried about something, write it down and deal with it in morning Keep the bedroom cool Keep the bedroom dark Keep the bedroom quiet
DONOT?S take nap Watch the clock so u know how bad ur insomnia is Exercise right before going to bed Watch TV in bed when u can't sleep Eat a heavy meal before bedtime Drink coffee in evening Use alcohol to help going to sleep Smoking Read in bed when u can't sleep Exercise in bed Talk on phone in bed
Priyanaka you ache lost 5 kg in 1 month which is significant weight loss. I would suggest that you should get a clinical consultation to find the cause
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