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30 years
2 years ago
Hi Doctor, I am male 30 years, having hypothyroid (under control now with medications), my problem is: excess weight- i am carrying about 100 kg of muscles as per latest body composition test and now my body is not coping up. i am always tired and hungry, though i exercise in the evening for 1-2 hrs 5 days a week but weight not coming off that easy. 2. I am having irritable bowel, whenever i eat within 30 mins i have to go to the washroom for emptying myself. 3. Sexual problem also i am facing due to all of this like ed, pm etc.
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Dr. Deepak Kumar Soni
Skin Specialist
2 years ago
One ?one tablet morning & evening after taking food , use at least 1-2 months
Hi first kindly correct your digestion
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