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20 years
2 years ago
Hello sir mama My self PATIENT I m student and I was good at all but since few months I have been suffering mentally retarding Like I m not able to think And I use to do my work regularly but not able getting result of that In exam time I feel blank So now negativity are drawing in mind that I should not to survive or else
And now I speak too less All time I sit silently No mood of interaction with none And study was my craze but now I feel fear from every thing like teachers I just don't wanna see anything
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Dr. Jyoti Kapoor Madan
2 years ago
Depression is a persistent state of sadness that is the result of interaction between one's inner biological and psychological state and gets triggered of with environmental stressors. Reactive depression is in response to a situation like loss, sickness, trauma etc. Endogenous depression occurs without any noticeable environmental stressors. Psychological symptoms include lack of interest, negative thinking, irritability, frustration, feeling demotivated etc. Somatic symptoms like fatigue/ weakness/ lack of sleep/ lack of appetite and other physical symptoms are common. Anxiety is common. In severe cases one may feel helpless and hopeless enough to wish for death or attempt suicide. Treatment includes physical and psychiatric work up following which medicines can be prescribed. In milder cases, psychotherapy or counselling is recommended.
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