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49 years
2 years ago
Hello Sir For the last few days I feeling very stressed and little depressed because of change of job and due to this my sex life got affected I am not feeling urge of doing sex and facing prblm of erection and lack of concentration. Otherwise I'm fit and healthy this happen all of sudden. Pls help me. Thanks & Regards
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Dr. Jyoti Kapoor Madan
2 years ago
Stress is a reaction to a real or perceived event that acts as a stressor. In other words, how much stressed one feels depends on how much stress one perceives in a given situation. During this phase, normal routine activities like digestion and sex drive take a back seat and the flight or fight mode gets activated. Dealing with stress helps restore normal functioning. Start by making a stress diary. Identify what causes stress. Ask why it causes stress. Is it a negative presumption about the even or a reality that is bothering you. Then figure out, how you have been dealing with the stressor. If the way you handle stress doesn't help, figure out the alternatives . If you by yourself are not able to do this exercise, consult a psychotherapist.
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