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26 years
2 years ago
Hello mam / sir I have suffering a problem of urticaria last 3 to 4 month both heat and sun. In short whenever tepm.of the increasec either sun rays or any other kind of activity in which body gain temp.itching started with smal and red spots in whole body . I also taking lots of antihistamine tablets livocitrazine , citrizine tablets etc .I will get nothing relif plese suggest a good medicine for complete relife .
1 Answer
Dr. Banashree Majumdar
Skin Specialist
2 years ago
I can understand your problem but the best treatment option for you will depend upon assessment of depth and activity of the disease process, which I am facing difficulty in assessing online. Hope u understood my point.
Also you are intelligent enough to understand the fact that we cannot prescribe any medication which have a lot of side effects online, as it can harm you. You need proper treatment regimen with few oral medications too.
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