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54 years
2 years ago
Hello Doctor,I am 54 yrs women having high Blood pressure of average 170/80 and sometimes in the evening it goes upto 210/95. I have been taking Amlodac 5mg,minipress xl 5mg but due to recent leg swelling problem I visited nearby doctor and am advised to take Telsartan 80 one tablet at night and stoped amlodac 5mg and minipress xl mg but still bp is found high yesterday recorded as 210/95 and after seeing this high BP,I got panic and I called to my friend nearby and she advised me to take dytor20,but I am big tension which medicine I should continue to control my BP.please suggest best medicine combination to control my blood pressure,please help me as am staying alone,KINDLY HELP
1 Answer
Dr. Anshum Aneja Arora
Lungs Specialist
2 years ago
Please meet a cardiologist at earliest . Such high BP is unsafe . Prescription without doctor's examination can be harmful for your own health
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