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Headache problem, kind of migraine
I have headache problem, its paining from backside above neck, top and forehead too. I am fasting due to ramadan month.
Day before yesterday i traveled, and there was a super hot climate, and was there out side for few hours, i had some outside food, cold beverage through out the day. I was feeling headache since evening on 2nd june, it was to paining. When i reached home it was to much so i took pandadol medicine. It was ok in the morning but suddenly after 12 hours after medicine take i was feeling again same, due to fasting i just took rest. I have to take medicine so i went to medical store and asked the guy for migraine medicine, i took that but that medicine work only for 2 hrs. At night 10:30 yesterday it was again worst so i take steam of hot water with balm and got to sleep. Currently feeling a bit headache, as its time to start fasting. Please advise what to do.
I purchase above medicine from medical,
1 Answer
Dr. Manju Singh
2 years ago
Please consult with your nearest doctor. With this massage your head with oil. And take as much as water you can take. Avoid going in sunlight.
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