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34 years
2 years ago
Good afternoon sir. I was donated my blood last 4years ago then it was found that I have hepatitis B in my blood sample and till now I didn't take any medicine for that, yesterday also my blood sample tested for some ear pain issue again it is noticed the same virus and they suggested to take proper treatment for hepatitis B. I got married and have two children of age group 4years and 2years. I think I doesn't have major health problems till date. Sir can u please suggest the medicine courses and treatment and precautions to Hepatitis B Thanking you sir.
1 Answer
Dr. Sfurti Mann
Diabetes Specialist
2 years ago
Get your HBeAg, Anti Hbc IgM, HBsAg, LFT and ultrasound abdomen done U may be a carrier of hepatitis B for which there is no treatment For your family h can get HBsAg tested and if negative u can get all family members vaccinated for hepatitis b.
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