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28 years
2 years ago
Dear sir/madam! Myself PATIENT from orai Uttar Pradesh my age is 28 of years and I'm suffering from melasma scars over my face continuously from last five years, several times i got them treated from expert dermatologists but all gone vain. As i continue the medicine they disappear and when i discontinue the medicine they again appears. They look incurable. Just lately i heared about hormonal problem with thyroid gland which is highly responsible for this type of problem. Now should i go through thyroid gland test if there is any problem with that, that may be detected. Please send suggestions. Reply regards. PATIENT
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Dr. Souvik Sardar
Skin Specialist
2 years ago
hello see melasma is a notorious disease of skin due its recurrent nature and most of the time resistant to treatment
no matter what you do your melasma even if cures may come back any timr
you have to accept that
u can continue a sunscreen like sunmate gel-30mins before sunexposure daily
and at bedtime use Melano TX cream -once daily for 2months continuously then on alternate nights for 4wks
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