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31 years
2 years ago
Dear sir I am a 32 yr old guy last few months i am feeling very sad i am loosing interest in everything i runs a pharmacy and i earn a good amount every month there is no tension in my life i am happily married but last few mmths i am fearing about something which i cant define my heart is beating faster and i am always afraid from my inner could not sleep in time could not concentrate always have a fear of unknown in my heart plz help me out
Sometimes i have a sleep disturbance i consulted a psychiatrist 10yrs ago he prescribed me nexito forte i had this tablet for a few days then i was ok i never visited the doctor after that actually i realised that i feel sleepy but could not sleep sometimes and whenever this problem arise i take nexito forte for a day or two then i keep it away this continues till date but last 1 month i am fearing in my heart it beats fast and i am afraid how can i get rid of it
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Dr. Ambrish Dharmadhikari
Mental Wellness
2 years ago
From your detailed description, I can understand you are suffering from depression. Taking antidepressant (Nexito) off n on is not useful. Antidepressant takes time to act on. So please take medication regularly. And then discuss with doctor when to start reducing medication.
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