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32 years
2 years ago
dear doctor, i have a penis erection problem, when i was take the sildenafil citrate tablet, that time only erection is there. and also i don't have any sexual feeling and sexual sense in my penis during the intercourse period,even when i saw the porn videos, that time also none of sense and feelings in my penis
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Dr. Jyoti Arora
2 years ago
Dear Mr. PATIENT for sending across your query.
The concern you had is known as Erectile Dysfunction""
Erectile dysfunction (ED) Erection Issue Erectile Dysfunction is a very common and easily manageable issue. Due to lack of proper guidance and ignorance, this issue does not get resolved easily. But It is easily treated by the following measures: 1). Proper counselling 2). Exercises / techniques 3). Ayurvedic medicines it can be treated in 4-6 weeks.
And don't take this kind of medicine without doctor supervision.
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