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35 years
2 years ago
Dear Docter,I am suffering from infertility.My treatment was going under Dr. Seetha Ramamurty Pal,Apollo Kolkata.As per the test reports everyrhing was fine and in her last report she wrote unexplained infertility and also asked us to go for IUI.I went for two IUI shots at Genome Silliguri but it failed.I am very depressed and frustrated please help me in suggesting a good fertility clinic so that i can go for one last IVF.Before considering it as my fate.
1 Answer
Dr. Sonu Balhara Ahlawat
2 years ago
Don't be so depressed Sometimes it happens Have faith in the doctor Even if all looks normal you may not conceive Doctor can only tell u the treatment and in infertility the success is not 100 % So do yoga and excercise and again go to your doctor All the best
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