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54 years
2 years ago
Am I suffering from Diabetics and heart risk? How risky are the bold values in LFT and KFT
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Dr. Ila Jain Khandelwal
2 years ago
Dear Mam Greetings from 1mg. The reports which you have shared show the following things: 1. Your blood glucose fasting and HbA1c are on the higher side, which indicates you might have Diabetes which needs proper management. I suggest you should consult a Diabetologist/Physician for this. Your cholesterol level is high, you should make healthy diet and lifestyle related changes like have a diet rich in more proteins and vegetables. Avoid fried fatty and processed foods. Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day for at least 5 days in a week. You hemoglobin is on the lower side, for this you can have a diet rich in iron like green leafy vegetables. The bold values in LFT and KFT are ot risky.
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