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27 years
2 years ago
Age 28,height 6' Lean body, tired, general weakness I take more food and protein supplement but nothing improve day by day my weight loses, from 4 months my weight loses from 56 to 51. Also my all body hair grows faster as compared to others. I take one litre milk, and 4 eggs in a day
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Dr. Waseem Mirza
2 years ago
Hello, greetings from Healthy weight gain is important, take nutritious diet and do moderate exercise as well. You can eat egg whites, chicken, dates, nuts like almonds, walnuts, peanuts etc, roasted channa, milkshake, paneer, fruits like banana etc Take one glass of warm milk daily in morning with 1 tsf honey in it. do some work out as well, along with the inclusion of some protein supplements in ur diet. take any multivitamin supplement like tab supradyn( 1 tab per day. Get adequate sleep daily for 6-8 hours. kindly consult with a nearby dietitian for a personalised diet chart. Hope it helps.
Take SYRUP ASTYMIN 1-2 tsf twice daily
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