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Reader Q) Is it true that a glass of warm water every morning helps lose weight?

A) We have received a lot of queries from all of you on the health benefits of having warm water in the morning. And yes, it is true that having water in the morning may help in losing weight.

You could make your glass of water interesting by adding some lemon and honey.  Having a glass of warm ‘Honey Lemonade’ can  activate your system in the morning. Make sure to use fresh lemon and pure quality honey. Honey Lemonade not only does wonders in helping you lose those extra kilos but also helps cleanse your body and boost your immunity.

Why just morning, have a glass of water 30 min before your 3 basic meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). This will help in better digestion and will prevent you from overeating. Also, make it a habit to  drink water an hour after your meal to help with better absorption of food. In the evenings, after an entire day of sitting job pamper your body with a glass of warm to hot ginger water. This drink will help you lose those extra kilos

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Other ways of having water

In addition to weight loss, having water regularly throughout the day is essential for proper functioning of the body. You need around 2 litres of fluids daily. Apart from honey lemonade, you could try these interesting ways of having water with added health benefits :

1 . Add around ten grams of clove (laung) powder with warm water and consume it on an empty stomach every day. Clove helps in maintaining blood sugar and cholesterol levels, improving digestion and relieving acidity. This spice works by inducing an insulin-like activity in the body that helps beat insulin resistance.

2 . Have water before taking a bath. This can have a relaxing effect on you and may help in lowering your blood pressure. So next time before starting your bathing ritual, go for a  rejuvenating glass of water and reap the benefits.

3 . Take a 1 litre bottle. Add some sliced lime/lemon, half a teaspoon of honey and lots of fresh mint leaves. Fill it with water and shake well.Carry this to your workplace and keep sipping this refreshing drink throughout the day.

4 . Have Ajwain (carom seeds) water. It helps in relieving any gastric problems like acidity, reflux, bloating. You can also have fennel seeds (saunf) instead of ajwain. It has the same health effects on your gut. Also, since both ajwain and saunf are anti-inflammatory, they’ll help you get rid of water retention to some extent.
5 . Add 3 to 4 leaves of tulsi (basil) to boiling water and and have a glass of this daily. This will help in making your skin healthier and preventing kidney stones. Use the tulsi leaves whole and do not crush or grind them while preparing your tulsi water.

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