Taking Too Many Selfies a Medical Condition, Say Doctors: 1mg News Digest

Taking Too Many Selfies a Medical Condition, Say Doctors: 1mg News Digest

1) Taking too many selfies a medical condition, say doctors
‘Selfitis’ — the tendency to take too many selfies — is a medical condition that may require treatment, say, doctors, who have now advised a series of social media detoxification measures to “clear out the condition”.Researchers say it could lead to anxiety and depression in the long term, recommend less time on phones and social media
Source: The Hindu

2) How To Avoid Motion Sickness?
Motion sickness is usually caused by a disturbance in the inner ear. The movement of the vehicle causes this turbulence as a result of which the inner ear loses its balance because of which you start feeling nauseated.So if you also face motion sickness and don’t want to spoil your holidays, try these simple ways to avoid it.
Source: 1mg.com

3) Eating Soy, Nuts and Pulses Daily Can Reduce Risk of Heart Diseases
Including nuts, pulses and soy in your daily diet may be good for your heart. In a recent study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, the findings showed that one to two servings of plant proteins every day could reduce the cholesterol markers low-density lipoprotein cholesterol LDL or “bad” cholesterol, non-high density lipoprotein cholesterol and apolipoprotein B by about 5 percent.
Source: NDTV

4) Antibiotic resistance: Indians under threat
Antibiotics were a miracle discovery that saved millions of lives. However, they now threaten to kill as we go overboard using them. Known as the anti-microbial resistance (AMR), or the resistance of infection-causing microorganisms to drugs that were originally effective for their treatment, is a problem that is unfolding with such an alarming ferocity that medical experts say it won’t be long before treating the simplest of infections becomes a nightmare
Source: ETHealthworld

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