Office Blues? Adopt These 5 Healthy Habits To Fight Everyday Stress


Stress is a common everyday phenomenon that we all endeavor to break away from. While some amount of stress every now and then is a part of normal life and is harmless, but prolonged stress can be detrimental to health. If it gives you  anxiety attacks in the morning, continuous panic attacks during the day and sleepless nights, then it is a matter of concern. Chronic stress can lead to serious medical conditions like obesity, high blood pressure and a host of heart troubles.

Here are some simple yet effective ways to cope with stress on a daily basis

1 . Get Adequate Sleep

Sleep is the number one relaxer to beat stress. Getting 7-8 hours of sleep is a must for all. It soothes overworked nerves and brings sanity back to life. ‘Early to bed and early to rise’ is what we swear by. Have a light dinner and forget TV or your smartphone for 60 mins before bedtime. Good refreshing sleep doesn’t come easily, but once you create a routine, it will work towards distressing you. As a bonus, waking up early will give you the extra 10-15 minutes to plan the day ahead.

2 . Have Stress Busting Foods

We tend to turn to food when stressed and it generally turns out to be fried unhealthy junk. All this does is bump up the stress levels, by making us feel guilty later. Balance is important when it comes to eating right, small frequent meals are a healthier way forward. Foods that are rich in Vitamin B and Omega 3 fatty acids like salt-water fish, nuts, chicken and green leafy vegetables are proven stress relievers while whole grain carbs like brown rice or whole wheat induce the body to produce ‘serotonin’ or the feel-good hormone.

3 . Practice Pranayama

The deep breathing techniques popularised as ‘Pranayama’ have been in use for centuries to fight stress and anxiety. As added bonus, these improve one’s concentration and efficiency, qualities that we crave for. Sit in a quiet place, breathe in to your lung’s capacity and release the breath after holding it for 5 seconds. Practice this as and when you get the chance for as many times as possible.

4 . Plan Efficiently

Often our stress takes form from incomplete tasks and pending assignments. The best way to deal with these is to create a ‘to-do’ list in the morning based on the priority of your affairs and stick to it unless absolutely necessary. Assess your achievements at the end of the day and you will realize that you are getting a lot more done than usual.

5 . Exercise Daily

Make it a point to take out 15-20 minutes in the morning and evening for physical activity. A morning jog or a weight training session at the gym or even a Yoga session will use up the excitement producing hormones like adrenaline and cortisol and induce the body to produce the relaxing hormone endorphin. Also a successful workout fills us with a sense of accomplishment and with sweat the body ejects the toxins which have both calming and cooling effects.

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Other than these here are a few more tricks that work. Indulge in a hobby like gardening and travel, One day every week should be gadgets and internet free, Read more, Keep essential oils handy especially the basil, anise and chamomile varieties, Pamper yourself by going for a massage or a spa session, show gratitude, cut down on the booze, coffee and cigarettes. All these should see you through those stressful Mondays and nerve-wrecking Fridays, with flying colours. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

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