Novel Drug To Cure Type II Diabetes Shines Clear In Preliminary Studies!

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Drug targeting an enzyme responsible for insulin resistance found to cure type 2 diabetes, preliminary study reveals. 

-Researchers from a recent study, conducted by the University of California, studied the effect of a drug on insulin resistant mice.

-As per the study, the daily dose of the drug was found to cure type II diabetes in the insulin resistant mice.

-The novel drug was found to target the action of LMPTP (low molecular weight protein tyrosine phosphate) which is found to bring about insulin resistance.

-The study proved that LMPTP is a key promotor of insulin resistance and inhibitors to the same would help to treat type 2 diabetes effectively.

-No significant side effects were observed. The experts would now check the efficacy of the drug on the humans through clinical trials.

-Findings were published in The Nature.

Source: The Nature 

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