Chickenpox Remedies: Tips For Kids And Adults

chickenpox remedies

Chickenpox, as we all know, is a viral infection that causes itchy skin and flu-like symptoms. The treatment of this condition is mostly based on managing the symptoms. Although the symptoms of chickenpox take their own course of time to fade off, there are certain at-home remedies and home care treatment options that can relieve the itching and pain. Here are are few chickenpox tips and tricks that can help.

Chickenpox Remedies: Tips To Follow

1. Do not scratch the itch

One of the key symptoms of chickenpox is itchy skin and hence, it is advised to avoid scratching. This is because it not only increases the risk of scars but also can lead to infection. As a safety measure, you can trim the fingernails of your kids, which can prevent skin infection caused due to scratching. Tap or pat on the itchy skin but do not scratch.

2. Use cold compress

Chickenpox also causes fever, which in turn can make you more prone to skin itching and scratching. Increased body temperature can make things worse for a person with chickenpox. This is the reason why it is advised to use a cold compress as it not only helps in lowering the body temperature but also soothes itchy skin. Apply a cool, damp compress over the itchy area as it acts as one of the effective chickenpox remedies. 

3. Eat healthy, home-cooked food

It is quite common to crave for spicy and processed food when you are ill. However, it is best to avoid indulging in spicy, oily or salty foods as these not only hinder your digestion process but can also increase heat in the body. Hence, it is best to opt for home-cooked foods, preferably bland foods, to improve the healing process. Also, up your intake of fruits which are rich in Vitamin C and boost immunity such as oranges, apple, grapes, lemons, etc.

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4. Stay hydrated

Drink lots of fluids as it helps you to stay hydrated and prevent dehydration caused due to high fever. Moreover, it can also help to flush the viral toxins from the body and aids in quick recovery. However, avoid drinking sugary beverages and opt for fresh, plain water, especially if you or your kid has sores in the mouth. For kids, you can opt sugar-free popsicles to replenish fluid stores in the body.

5. Wear gloves

This tip mostly applies to kids because they are the ones who are more prone to scratch an itchy skin. This is the reason why it is advised, especially for kids, to put gloves or socks over their hands to prevent scratching. This can not only prevent the direct content of nail with the chickenpox blister but also lower the risk of infections and limit scarring. Also, wear loose, cotton clothes, which will help the skin to breathe and ease the itching.

6. Avoid self-medication

Most people tend to pop a pill for fever or a painkiller for body ache without a second thought when suffering from chickenpox. However, this is not a good idea. Aspirin, which is commonly used to relieve fever, can cause a deadly condition known as Reye’s syndrome in children below 16 years of age. Hence, do not self-medication but consult your doctor before taking any pills. 

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(The article is reviewed by Dr. Lalit Kanodia, General Physician)

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