Are You On Instagram? It May Help Adolescents Fight Depression Better!


Social networking sites such as Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook may lower the chances of depression amongst adolescents, study reveals. 

-In a recent study, experts from the University of Leuven (Belgium), surveyed to find novel ways to effectively tackle depression amongst the youngsters

-Researchers from the University conducted surveys to know what all social sites were most commonly used by the teenagers. They also asked about the general well being of the teenagers that included depressive symptoms, life satisfaction, and loneliness

-As per the survey, students most commonly used social networking sites such as facebook, snapchat and instagram

-The study revealed, use of instagram increased closeness amongst friends. It also gave the teenagers that they were being loved and appreciated by their friends quite often

-Teenagers rs who used instagram was found to be associated with lower levels of depression in the forthcoming months

-The findings will be presented at the 67th annual International Communication Association Conference (US).

Source: World Health Oranization

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