Acne And Dandruff Solutions | Skin Diaries | By Dr. Bhairavi (MD Dermatology)

Here are the common questions asked by people who have acne and/or dandruff:

1. I have severe forehead acne which are very stubborn. How can I remove them?

-Acne affects about 85% of individuals between the age group of 12 to about 24 years. It’s a disorder of the oil gland leading to excess oil or sebum production because of hormone changes. Oil is an inflammatory agent that affects your scalp as well. It’s important to look into scalp oil control and wellness when it comes to forehead acne.

2. I have heavy dandruff. I have to oil my hair regularly, failing which my hair starts to fall. Is there any solution to this?

-Dandruff is a chronic condition that is actually caused by a yeast called Malassezia. Dandruff is basically a fungal infection of your scalp. When dandruff occurs, a lot of free fatty acids are released which cannot be digested by the fungus, leading on to hair fall. Using oil is okay; it cannot really help you with hair fall control but can prevent breakage. I would still recommend a serum-based product that can actually prevent or control your hair fall, breakage and also reduce dandruff.

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