6 Amazing Medicinal Uses Of Kaali Mirch (Black Pepper)

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The king of all spices- kaali mirch or black pepper has more benefits than we probably know. Black pepper finds its uses in various arenas starting from ancient Ayurvedic medicine to commonplace food seasoning. These aromatic tiny little seeds are a store house of health and medicinal benefits for the whole family.

Read further to explore the goodness of pepper that forms a part of every household.

1 . Improves Digestion

Black pepper or pepper nigrum is known to stimulate your sense organs mostly the taste buds so that your brain signals the stomach to become active and secrete acids useful in digestion. No wonder black pepper serves as a great choice for flavoring in a variety of recipes.

2 . Fights Infections

Extensive research has been conducted on black pepper for presence of anti-bacterial properties. Studies have shown that extracts of the berries of pepper were found to be active against a number of different bacteria. Proper usage can help to fight infections and is also a useful medicine for insect bites.

3 . Relieves Dry Cough 

Black pepper is equally useful in persistent and dry cough. Black pepper stimulates mucous flow. For best effects, use a teaspoon of black pepper accompanied by honey and let it steep in hot water for 15 minutes. Use this syrup to prepare tea and consume at specific intervals during the day to get rid of cough and throat irritation.

4 . Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

In many studies involving the usage of Black pepper, it was found that its extract showed significant ability to inhibit the end products accumulated in the body which speed up the degeneration caused by diabetes. This degeneration is caused by a process called protein glycation in which the sugar molecules bond to protein molecules without enzymatic control.

5 . Relieves Nasal Congestion

Any congestion in your nasal cavity can be irritating as it reduces sufficient air flow thereby disrupting your sleep. There is a natural solution to ease the congestion and get rid of any blockage. Prepare a mixture of black pepper and sesame oil and apply it under your nose. Sniff if lightly so that the mixture enters your nasal cavity. Black pepper induces sneezing thus helping to get rid of mucus and allergens in your sinuses.

6 . Treats Skin Problems

The presence of Vitamin C in black pepper makes it an ideal anti-oxidant. Due to its antibacterial as well as antibiotic properties and its ability to enhance blood circulation, powdered black pepper can be combined with other agents for topical use to solve problems of dark spots, wrinkles, pigmentation and pimples

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